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12 and 1
Title: 12 and 1 - 1/1
Summary: 12 Things James Kirk Leans About Spock, And One He Already Knew
Rating: G



Disclaimer: Is this canon yet? No? Then I own nothing

1. If his mother hadn't had so many miscarriages, he would have three brothers and two sisters.

2. Despite appearances he doesn't hate Bones. He looks forward to and enjoys their sparing, respects him as a person and doctor, and considers him a friend. He also considers him overly emotional, illogical, and his greatest antagonist onboard The Enterprise.

3. As a child and an adolescent he was bullied by his peers and adults alike. When he was a child the bulling was beatings, taunts, and outright insults. As an adolescent it was implied insults.

4. He never laughs. Instead he shows amusement by the slight curving of his mouth and the faint crinkling at the corners of his eyes.

5. Opals are his favorite gemstone.

6. He never loved Uhura romantically. It was more of a deep friendship, trust, respect, and comfort that he clung to after Nero.

7. It probley has something to do with his ancient anstery, but he's very cat like. His ears are extremely sensitive, both in terms of hearing and touch. His tongue is slightly rough. He moves like a cat, quickly, gracefully and silently. Water is a source of loathing. He loves heights and can balance on a ½ inch ledge as easily as walking on the ground. His skeletal structure is exactly like a cat, which means he's extremely flexible and can fit into any space big enough to pass his head through. His night vision is excellent, in fact, if you're able to distuingh the pupil from the iris, you'll find it's vertical. He will ocanshially make a verity of noises similar to a cat, including purring, hissing, growling, and snarling. His milk white skin feels like it's covered in thick, soft fur, while his blue – black hair feels like silk.

8. Unless he has peppermint tea in the morning he's tired and irratble the whole day.

9. He doesn't have a favorite color, but he prefers dark colors over light ones.

10. Whoever said Vulcans don't feel emotions had obviously never met one. The emotions in Spocks' ebony eyes are as plain as day. Aspersion as they fly to Vulcan. Greif when his mother dies. Fear and anger when Uhura and Bones are beaten by some hostile natives planet side. Rage as his stepfather yells abuse at him. Pride as he watches their children. Love and lust for him, and him alone.

11. His ears are his most sensitive erogenous zone. All he has to do is rub, suck, bite, lick, or finger them and he'll get hard and come without being touched below the his neck. For some reason this is also the case with him.

12. Spock has been, and always shall be his.

+1 He loved and respected his mother more then anyone he's ever known.