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Different And The Same Chapter 2 - Mirror Kirk


Chapter Two: Mirror James Kirk


Biological Family: He barely remembers his birth family. He was three when they were killed by an explosion . He knows he had a mother, father, and three brothers, but he holds no love for them.

Sork: He was adopted by him and his wife when he was four. Sork is reserved, quiet, unsmiling, and will be completely focused on the subject at hand. He is also nonjudgmental, kind, honest, a very good teacher, and loves his family. He considers this Vulcan to be his father.

T'Pa: She is extremely intelligent and witty, able to stop someone in their tracks with a few words, all the while expressing no emotion. He learned his verbal skills from her. She bought them a telescope and taught them about the stars, planets, and galaxies. If his father would criticize him about his work or abilities (as he was sometimes prone to do) she would gently, but with a faint undercurrent of steel in her voice, remained him that he was Human, not Vulcan. She is very protective of her children, attacking those who threatened them viciously, either verbally or physically. She is her mother.

Stonn: He is his brother. He was raised with him from the time he was four and Stonn was five. Stonn has always been there for him, weather it was to play a game of chess or ball or to help him with the homework he received from the Vulcan school he attended. Despite that fact that it was "Illogical and disturbingly human" Stonn would verbally (and on two occasions physically) defend him against the Vulcan bullies. When they came aboard the Enterprise, even though Stonns' job was to protect Pike, he protected him most often. He has always been, and always will be able to relay on him. Stonn has his trust, loyalty, love, friendship, and protection. He has Stonns'. He has never wanted any other for a brother.

Spock: Spock was already living with Sork and his family when he came to live with them. They were inseparable from the beginning. They would do almost everything together from reading, playing, to attending class. In public they insulated, threatened, and appeared to hate each other. Even as young as five they both knew that expressing anything more than that in the Terran Empire, where you or someone you showed caring for were likely to get killed by the person who claimed to be your friend was very deadly. If someone else threatened or harmed the other in some way however the other would teach them a lesson that it was impossible to forget. When Jim was eight a Romulan had mutilated his ears, cutting them into points. He had done this because "That filthy Terran thinks he's as good as a Vulcan". After he had gotten to the hospital and they reattached his ears Spock had found the Romulan. By the time their parents and brothers found them the Romulan was beaten near death. In their home however, they showed a level of caring, trust, understanding, love, and loyalty that was clear to their parents and brother that it would develop into something more. That is if they lived long enough for it to develop.

Savvid: He is Spocks' twin. He is identical to Spock in almost every way from his height, to his temperament, to his eye color. The one way he is different however is that he possesses a special ability that allows him to change his appearance as easily as breathing. He can change his hair from jet black to blue, his eyes from medium brown to violet. He is able to change from a Vulcan male to an Orion female. From an adult to a child. The ability has proven very useful, both on missions and in his personal life. Normally, unless he is alone with his family or mate his appearance will be that of a Vulcan male with dark brown hair and bright green eyes. He does this because no one can know that he and Spock are brothers. If someone did find out it would mean death for one of them. Savvid is his brother. He trusts, values, loves and will protect him as he does with Stonn, T'Pring, and Christine. Savvid feels the same about him.

T'Pring: Although she did not live with his family she was with them so much that he began to think of her as his sister from the time he was seven. When Stonn made her his wife (no more then his wife. His T'hy'la) it became official. She is smart, cunning, strong, loyal to those who deserve it (himself and his family), protective of those whom she cares for, and very dangerous to have as an enemy. She will kill anyone who threatens her or her family in the smallest way. She is one of the members of his Personal Guard. She will act like she hates and mistrusts him and is only protecting him because it is her job, yet she will go above and beyond what is expected of a Personal Guard member to keep him safe. He knows this is because she loves him.

Christine: She is Savvids' T'hy'la's and his sister. She is a vampire, and until she killed Leonard McCoy in order to become the CMO was the head nurse aboard the Enterprise. If any of them have a medical problem they will come to her (they did this even when she wasn't the CMO). She has more medical knowledge then anyone on the ship (having studied on ten different planets), will do everything in her power to help them instead of the bare minimum like with the rest of the crew, would never enter their visit or problem into a medical log, and she is their sister which means they love and trust her.

When Savvid began to court her, her older brother, Viktor Chapel wasn't happy. He asked her why she wanted to "Be seen with a freak that doesn't even have one appearance" She had slapped him so hard that he flew across the room. From there things escalated. Viktor would say she was a traitor to her race, call her names, and would accuse Spock and Savvid of having sex in an attempt to make her break up with Savvid. Savvid was almost to the end of his control, but it was Christine who snapped first. Three months after she and Savvid were bonded she discovered she was pregnant. When she told Viktor he said "So that creatures' going to be a bastard and freak of nature!" Her control snapped as she sprang at him, hissing, and proceeded to bite, claw, and punch every part of him she could reach. By the time she was done he had to be put in the intensive care unit in the Vulcan hospital. Her brother had not connected them in 25 years.

She is very attractive to his crew, who consider her a knockout with platinum blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a body to die for. Although he knows that many would like to no one has ever made a sexual advance on her. It probably has something to do with the fact that the one man who tried ended up with permanent scars from her nails and is blind in one eye. Christine doesn't like anyone except Savvid making sexual comments about her (they have to do this either through their link or in their rooms because no one knows she is his wife). This is because both Vulcans and Vampires mate for life, (Which means that both mates enter into a mind meld while having sex. Both races will only meld with one sexual partner in their lifetime. This person is their life mate) and are very possessive of their mate. They also think that, once they are mated, only their mate is allowed to show a sexual interest in them, for they are theirs and theirs alone. Christine is loyal, smart, discreet, caring with her family, perceptive of everything and everyone around her, dangerous, haughty, and, is protective of those who she deems worthy. She loves them.

T'Lyra: She is Stonn and T'Prings' daughter. She appears unusual for a Vulcan, for where most have dark hair and eyes, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She lives on Vulcan with his parents. It would be very dangerous and foolish to have her on the ship. The crew would think nothing of killing a child if they thought it would gain them a higher position. The fact that she was the daughter of the only Vulcans who were lower in rank then Spock would be an added bonus. He loves this girl as a niece and daughter. Outside of his family and Ulric no one knows she exists. This is not unusual in the Empire, for all personal information from family members to blood line is erased upon entering into a career with the Federation.

Phillip: He is Savvid and Christines' son. He has milk white skin and hair, Vulcan ears and eyebrows, Vampire fangs, and deep blue eyes. He lives on Vulcan with his grandparnets and cousin. This boy is his nephew and his son.


Pastimes: Besides loving to read, study, and play chess he also loved to practice the defensive arts. This was required of all members of the Empire of course, but he was much better at them than most. He began practicing when he was six, and by the time he was twenty one was a black belt in all forms of Vulcan, Terran, Romulan, and Klingon defensive arts. With the number of people he's killed his skills have proven to be very useful. He can break an entire rib cage in 20 seconds, can slice a woman from breast bone to pelvis in less time than it would take to blink. Very few are stupid enough to threaten him. Those that do, well, they don't last long.

Bullies: He was rarely bullied. This was because most knew of the ruthlessness and swiftness of his attacks, and were not stupid enough to provoke him. When he was bullied it was normally by Vulcan children. They would taunt him because he was human, because his parents were dead, or because he had a harder time with his studies then they did. He would take their insults with an emotionless, measured stare (his family had taught him well), wait until they were done, then he would give a response so swift and damaging it would leave his opponents subtlety gaping as he walked away. He was not stupid. He knew that he could not attack them, for Vulcans were ten times as strong as a human. He also knew that a verbal attack could be just as damaging as a physical one. If one of his siblings were bullied, well, that was a different matter, especially if it was Spock. He would wait until he had the opportunity, (when the bully was alone, his back was turned, something of that nature), then he would beat them so quickly and badly that they didn't have time to react before they were out cold.

Tratues IV: He heard about the Genocide that happened there, but was never a part of it.

Education: He doesn't remember anyone teaching him to do anything before he came to Vulcan. The earth center he was in wasn't equipped with schools. He knows he must have taught himself to read, write, talk correctly, and many other things, but he doesn't remember teaching himself. It seemed like he had always known how to do these things. By the time he went to Vulcan he could read, write, speak, think, and understand as well, if not better, then any adult human. From the time he was adopted he was trained in the ways of the Vulcans. He attended their schools (although a few lessons had to be modified for him), learned their customs, emotional and mental control, and habits. He knows that he is human and not Vulcan, knows that his blood is red, that he has nowhere near the physical or mental strength, but despite these things and much more, he considers himself to be Vulcan. They are his people. Their culture, beliefs, language, laws, teachings, secrets, and control are his own.

Relationships With Women

Attitude: Outside of his family, he treats them indifferently. It is rare that he will feel respect or any genuine concern for them.

Sex: He has only had sex with one women, and he had not wished to do it. He had done it because he had thought he had been keeping Spock safe. He and Spock had been bondmates for several years when he was captured by an alien woman named Sylvia. She chained him up in an underground room and proceeded to torture him. In order to keep Spock from feeling his pain he closed their link. In doing so he also closed his emotions and thoughts to Spock. After she had tortured him for over two hours she told him, with a knowing smile, that she had captured Spock as well and was going to kill him unless he had sex with her. Fear seized him, for he did not dare risk opening the bond and exposing Spock to his pain, so he had no way of knowing if she was speaking the truth. That smile told him she knew that he and Spock were lovers. How had she known, when no one in the ship or the Empire suspected a thing? It didn't matter. He would do it. She had just finished when the door crashed open and Spock rushed into the room. Without pausing he fired his phaser at Sylvia, killing her. The emotions in his bondmates eyes tore at him. Fear, worry, anger, and relief were all present

As soon as his bonds were gone, despite his wounds (broken ribs, torn muscles, deep gashes on his legs, and whip marks on his back that were still bleeding) he fell to his knees in front of his bondmate, his neck exposed, hands palms up in front of him. He was performing the Vulcan gesture that one only takes when they have committed infidelity, and are offering their life to their mate in return for their act. Spock kneeled in front of him and gently but firmly grasped his upper arms, pulling him off the cold stone floor until he was on his knees. "James, open your bond". He said, his normally velvet smooth voice horse and chocked with suppressed emotions. He hesitated, not wanting to feel Spocks' anger toward him, even though he knew he deserved it. Knowing that he would have to sooner or later he reluctantly opened his bond, still keeping his eyes fixed on Spocks' bloodstained boot. He let Spock see everything: his capture, bondage, the pain he endured as the whip fell upon his back, how she told him that she was going to kill Spock, knowing what he had to do, but hating himself for it.

He had grown up with Vulcan beliefs and costumes. Adultery was considered to be one of the greatest taboos among his people. What if Spock blamed him? "Look at me James!" Spock said, his voice as fierce as that of a mother Panther guarding her cubs. He began to lift his head, but apparently he was too slow because Spock grabbed his chin and roughly jerked his head up so he was looking into his eyes. As his husband spoke the bond pulsed with grief, reassurance, comfort, acceptance, anger, and love. "You are not to blame! What you choose to do was exactly what I would have done for you if our roles had been reversed! If you think I would or could end your life for this, even if you had welcomed her into your body, then you obviously need to examine the bond more closely! I could no sooner end your existence then rip apart my soul!" His bondmates voice was still deadly, yet his grip upon his face and arm was gentle. He had been foolish to doubt his bondmates' reaction. He opened his mouth to speak but Spock put his finger to his lips. Don't talk. Your throat is torn and sustained much damage from your screams and the strangulation that creature inflicted upon you. He realized he was feeling no pain even though he should have been racked with it, and knew Spock was transferring all his pain onto himself. He let his disapproval move through the bond as he replied, I'm sorry. I was frightened Spock. You shouldn't be taking my pain, I didn't want it inflicted upon you. Amusement ran through the bond. You forget that I am capable of handling much more pain, and that I have the ability to ignore it. He felt the lightheadedness of fainting spell creeping up on him. The last thing he was aware of was Spock gently lifting him into his arms.

Those that had meant something to him

No woman, besides his mother and sisters, has ever meant anything to him

Relationships With Men

Attitude: He treats them the same way he treats woman.

Sex: The only man he has ever had sex with is Spock. He has never desired another.

Those that had meant something to him

Spock: He's everything to him.

First Meetings

Leonard McCoy: They met when he began to work on the I.S.S Enterprise as first officer under Christopher Pike. He hates this man. Leonard McCoy is Xenophobic, racist, and hypocritical. He has insulted Spock, his siblings, has kept Christine from moving up in medical rank. The desire to discipline him with torture or kill him was very strong, but he could not because he, Spock, and his family had to maintain the image of mistrust and hatred between them. If he killed or disciplined McCoy everyone would know why, for he had not done anything else that would have warranted it. He was very glad when Christine killed him.

Spock: They meet when they were four at the adoption center on Vulcan. He had been transported there from earth two days previously. His first view was that of a small boy with black hair and pointed ears standing next to another pointed eared boy. As he looked at him he felt a strange warmth run through his body, as if he had been dunked into a warm bath. He saw who he assumed was the boys' parents come around the corner accompanied by one of the Vulcan caretakers. The man was tall with dark brown hair and eyes, while the woman had medium red hair and olive green eyes. He watched as the Vulcan healer raised a hand in his direction, beckoning him. He took the few steps forward, feeling excitement rise in his stomach. He had overheard the caretakers talking about the newly appointed Vulcan ambassador, Sork who had been appointed after the pervious ambassador, Seark and his wife had been killed, was coming to the center to locate a child to adopt. Were they considering him?

As he walked his eyes drifted to the boy. The boy was standing slightly behind the taller boy, who he assumed was his brother. The warmth he had felt was becoming stronger the nearer he came, almost like he was standing over a fire which was constantly having wood added. Yet the warmth was not painful, it was soothing. The boy was obviously feeling it to, for he was quickly but silently backing away from him. When he was two steps from them he stopped, keeping his eyes respectfully trained on the mans' chin. He tried to keep his attention and gaze focused on the adults but they kept drifting to the boy, who had retreated to stand in the corner of the room. Apprehension was coursing through him. He could not shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen to the boy. "He seems to have a very limited attention span". The woman said. "Yes", the man replied. "Perhaps we should look at children who do not have defects"

He barley heard them. One of the Vulcan boys at the center, a tall six year old by the name of Kirin was looming over the boy in the corner. Kirin was "very mean", as his mind had dubbed him. In the few days he had been here he had seen him stealing, pushing, and hurting the other children. He saw Kirin slap the boy. The family turned at the sound of the slap, but he was already halfway across the room. He had started running the second Kirin raised his hand, and by the time the blow had connected to the boy's face he was in the air, having leapt at Kirin. As he hit Kirin he felt rage consume him. He didn't know why he felt this because he had seen other children hurt by Kirin and it hadn't affected him in the slightest. All he knew was that the boy had been threatened, and been hurt. Even at the age of four the rage inside him was so strong it demanded blood. With Kirin being so much larger then himself he did the only logical thing and sunk his teeth into his ear. The taste of green blood exploded in his mouth, Kirin was howling, then he was being pulled away. The boy's father was holding him by the shoulders, staring at him. "You defended my son although you have no previous experience with him. Why?" "He was being hurt".

The Caretaker was standing at the man's elbow. She seemed confused as she said " He has never behaved in this manner. Normally there is no reaction, even when other children are harmed". The man glanced at his wife then at his sons, the older boy having had moved to stand protectively in front of the younger one. "What is your name?" the man asked. "James Kirk." He replied at once. As the man returned his attention to the Caretaker he moved closer to the boy, who was standing stone still, as if he could not believe he had been struck. With no thought other then to make sure the boy was alright he crossed the few feet that separated them and stopped just short of touching him. "Are you alright? What's your name?" The boy regarded him for a few seconds before replaying, "I'm unharmed. My name is Spock. This is Stonn". He gestured to the boy next to him. As he moved his arm his hand brushed his and an eclectic current seemed to race through them, starting from the tips of their fingers and rushing through every cell, every vein, every nerve until it had completed its path and ended, again at their fingertips. Spocks brown eyes widened and he looked over at his parents. He followed his gaze to find Spocks parents staring at them with a strange yet subtle expression in their eyes. One hour latter he had been adopted by this family. He walked with them out of the Center, Spock so close to him he could feel the heat of his body through his clothes.

Stonn: At their first meeting he only knew him as "the boys' brother". He liked him from the first because of the way he watched over Spock in the center and had been prepared to protect him. When he was adopted he learned that Spock wasn't his biological sibling, just as he was not. He also learned that it didn't matter to Stonn, the way it might have for another Vulcan.

Savvid: Their first meeting took place at their home after he had been adopted. Savvid looked from Spock to himself, a slight frown upon his face before quickly disappearing. Savvid didn't know about the bond that was already forming between him and Spock (the way his parents already did, as he would later learn), but he could feel something was different about his twin, and that this boy was the cause of it. Savvid didn't react with jealously or anger toward him. In that instant he accepted him as fully as he accepted Spock.

T'Pring: They meet when they were five at the school library. She had been reading Gone With The Wind and working on a book report while he, Spock, and Stonn were working on Calculus. She paused in her writing, and, looking at his brothers asked if they knew of a word that would replace embarrassment. His brothers were silent, thinking, but he didn't have to ponder to know an alternative. As he opened his mouth he stopped, for she had not asked him, and it would be rude to answer himself. He could see she was beginning to grow impatient with the five seconds his brothers were taking to respond, so he decided to answer. "Humiliation". He said, looking straight into her dark eyes. Surprise flickered briefly in her eyes before being masked. "You're a human, and a very young one at that. How did you know that word?" Without a trace of pride in his voice, for he was simply stating a fact after all, he replied, "I have in IQ level of 205". The pride may not have been in his voice, but he could feel it slightly in his stomach. I have to work harder at control. He saw Spock shoot him a quick glance, a mixture of amusement and concern in his brown eyes. "Thank you". T'Pring said, drawing his attention away from Spock. For the remaining two hours they were silent, but from that day she became their friend.

Christine: They meet when they were fourteen. He was walking in the school hallway when he noticed a girl, seemingly Terran, with white blonde hair crouched on the floor. She appeared to be having trouble locating her medical book inside her bag, if her mutterings were any indication. Within seconds he spotted it inside her locker. When he handed it to her she laughed good naturally, then they walked with together to his next class, Medical Study, which they happened to share. He and his family became friends with her that day.

Mirror Spock: He had the displeasure of meeting him for the first and only time in the Mirror Universe. Despite the image that he gave of not knowing what was going on, he knew very well. He knew they were in a parallel universe form the moment they beamed aboard the ship. A spilt second view of the Mirror Spock was all it took. This Spock was not his bondmate. They had been friends for two years, brothers for fourteen, and lovers and bondmates for twenty. He knew all of Spock. Knew everything from his mind, to his soul, to the way he moved, to what the slightest change in his voice, expression, or body language meant. This Spock was not his. He was too passive, weak, and unwilling to use violence to solve an issue. His voice was just the slightest bit different from that of his husband, he didn't have a goatee, they both moved like a cat, gracefully and confidently, but his husbands movements was like that of a Panther, graceful, confident, and very deadly. This Spocks way of moving was like that of a Wild Cat, still graceful and confident, but just barely capable of being a threat.

The one way that they were the same however was the love that this Spock had for his Counterpart. His emotions matched that of his bondmates for him. He could tell that this Spock and his Captain had formed almost a full bond between them. In fact, the bond was only a single thread away from being complete, for although they were lovers in the emotional sense, they were not in the physical or mental. He did not know how he knew this. Maybe a small part of his and Spocks' bond was present in their Counterparts in every universe? Possibly his bond was trying to find Spocks' mental presence, and unable to do so, had weakly latched on to the one mind that most resembled its' mates'? Whatever the reason it didn't change the fact that he was very dismayed by this version of his T'hy'la. To make matters worse the Mirror Crew had locked him in a room with his crew, each of whom would have no objections to killing him. For the three days and nights they were there he didn't sleep, kept all of his senses on their fullest degree, nor did he eat anything unless he received it directly from the Mirror Crews' hands. Under normal circumstances going so long without sleep and the constant guard he was forced to maintain would not have been a problem but he had not slept for two days before they came into this universe, and the stress, lack of sleep, and the longing that he felt for his mate was getting to him.

When they were finally able to return to their own universe the first thing that he saw was his bondmate. The relief, worry, and love in his eyes and through the bond were invisible to everyone but him. He stood motionless as his crew gave the normal salute before heading from the room, exhaustion momentarily overtaking him. What happened next was pure reflex. He felt a body brush against his. Normally he would not have reacted, for he was in the presence of Spock, Stonn, Savvid, and T'Pring, and anyone trying to kill him would had to have been suicidal to attempt it in the presence of these Vulcans, each of whom gave the impression that they would kill to protect him because it was in their job description. His stress level, emotions, and reactions were stretched to the breaking point, and when the body brushed against him they snapped. With a motion almost too fast for the human eye to track he whipped out his dagger and gouged a deep line from chin to hairline. He came back to himself has he heard a shriek of pain and heard Spock shout James through the bond. The shout was coupled with a strong wave of concern. Within in seconds Stonn had locked the doors to the room and had dismantled the cameras. Without sparing a glance for Uhura, who was out cold and bleeding on the floor Spock walked up to him and took his hands with both of his. James are you well? Have you been harmed in anyway? No Spock. You would know if I had. That is normally true, but you have the most irritating habit of blocking pain from me in a misguided attempt to shield me. Your stress and exhaustion is in need of immediate remedy T'hy'la. You do the same thing when you're harmed. And you are correct. I haven't slept in five days. He pulled Spock to him at the same moment Spock mirrored the action. Their arms went around each other as they kissed, then they lightly traced the others jaw line and forehead with their fingertips, a very intameant gesture between bondmates while in the presence of others. His body sagged slightly as he felt some of the stress leave him. Love flowed through their bond. I am greatly relieved to have you back. I have been most restless in your absence James. As have I.

They pulled away and moved toward their siblings. Savvid was holding the still uncoucious Uhura by the neck while Christine sucked blood out of the gash. Stopping, Christine walked over and hugged him tightly, her hands gripping his upper arms as she pulled back. "Never do that again!" she whispered harshly. Her eyes were bright with unshed tears, fear and happiness leaked through her voice, and Uhura's' blood was staining her lips, making them a bright crimson. He put his hand on the back of her neck and squeezed gently. "Don't worry." he said. He looked over her to Savvid. His brother didn't say anything, simply nodded, a grave expression was well hidden in his eyes. This meant "You scared the crap out of us." T'Pring was standing next to the control panels, monitoring the computer activity in case someone tried to restore the visual. As he passed her she reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. "It is very pleasing to have retrieved you sa-kai". She said quietly. This was her way of saying "I was scared as heck, I love you, and I'm so glad we were able to find you". He smiled fondly as he replied "I as well ko-kai". They moved toward the door where Stonn was stationed, listening for anyone aproching the doors. Although his blank expression did not change he reached out and lightly grasped his wrist. "You're sudden absence was alarming sa-kai" This was his way of saying, "You scared me. Try not to do it again". Within seconds the doors and cameras had been reactivated and they walked to his quarters, their normal masks in place. Within two minutes of entering his cabin Spock entered through the adjoining bathroom. He didn't fear sleeping, for he knew T'Pring was standing guard outside his door and Stonn and Savvid were standing guard outside Spocks'. Their siblings would not let anyone disturb them. They crawled into their bed, leaving no space between their bodies. He began to fall asleep almost at once. Just before he drifted off completely he heard Spock say softly and reverently, "I cherish thee my adun"

Ulric: This Romulan Commander is his, his mates, and his siblings' friend. Ulric is the only one they trust outside of each other. Ulric knows he and Spock are bondmates, that they are siblings, that Stonn and T'Pring are mates and about T'Lyra and Phillip. He has visited them on the ISS Enterprise, they have been on his ship. They all know the others' ships layout, weakness, and strengths. Ulric has visited their home on Vulcan, has seen their parents and T'Lyra and Phillip many times. If they need help, whether it's because their ship is under attack or they require help plotting a murder he will always aid them. They do the same for him. They know that they can trust him with their lives, and Ulric knows his own is safe within their hands. As in the way of his race Ulric is very loyal to them, for they are his friends. Romulans rarely form friendships, but when they do their trust and loyalty will never waver, continuing even after death. They are very fourantate indeed to have met this Romulan. They could not ask for a better friend.


Spock: He doesn't know when the love he felt began to change from brotherly love into that of lovers. All he knows is that by the time he was seventeen he loved Spock with everything he had.

Stonn, T'Pring, Savvid, Christine: These Vulcans and Vampire are his siblings. It doesn't matter they are a different species, have different colored blood, or have abilities that are far soupier to his. They are his family, and he is theirs'.


Spock how he felt:
When he told Spock he was nervous. He was only 90% sure that Spock loved him in the same way that he loved him. Over the years he had seen the changes. The way Spock looked at him, spoke to him, behaved around him, and touched him had changed from the way his siblings behaved, to the way his parents behaved around one another. He had also noticed his own behavior changing to that of his parents. Spock now seemed to have a large place in his thoughts and dreams. After he told Spock he looked down at the floor, prepared for rejection. He needn't have worried. Instead Spock placed his fingers under his chin and gently lifted his head until their eyes meet. The joy, desire, loyalty, devotion, and love he saw there made his breath catch in his throat. "I have felt the same way for three years, two months, six days, and four hours James. Your feelings are returned to the fullest extent". They were bonded three months later.

When he and Spock became a couple:

Family: They hadn't looked at them with shock or disgust. They didn't accuse them of being illogical or try to per sway them from each other. His father had raised an eyebrow and said "I trust you will be very discreet. You both will be in great danger if any enemies you may develop should discover your relationship." Their mother had given them the Vulcan form of a smile and touched her fingertips to their faces. Stonn and T'Pring both said, in unison, "You both have been rather obtuse regarding the exact nature of your affection". Christine smiled at them while Savvid raised an eyebrow. That was all that their family ever said on the matter.


Their Son: When Christine told them Spock was pregnant they were both shocked beyond words. Spock didn't have the typical genitals of a male Vulcan, owing do doubt to his hybrid nature. He had the double ridged penis and balls, but no vagina. They'd thought that because Spock lacked a vagina it meant he possessed no organs that were necessary to conceive and carry children. Apparently they were wrong.

When they learned Spock was pregnant his first reaction was fear followed by joy. They had both wanted a child, but had thought the risk was too great. They were both very high members of the Empire, and, just as with T'Lyra, there would be no hesitation in killing their child. They also both wanted to in their child's life, not in space while he/she grew and learned. A typical male Vulcan pregnancy lasted three months, and they had a shore leave in two days that was scheduled for four months. They could hide out until the baby was born, send it to Vulcan to live with their parents, then, separately so it wouldn't look strange they could retire from Starfleet. While on shore leave he, Spock, and their siblings stayed in a medium sized house in the middle of the country. Their son was born via C section performed by Christine three months and five days after they arrived.

He laid on the bed with Spock, both looking at the tiny person in his arms. Surak had sable hair, dark hazel eyes, small slanted eyebrows, and tiny pointed ears. "He's ours Spock. This is our son." "Yes James." Spock whispered, his fingers gently tracing the slant of their sons eyebrows, the bond flowing with pride, awe, joy, and love. Through the parental link he and Spock had both performed with their son they could feel faint emotions of confusion, curiosity, and contentment. The link would become stronger the longer it was in existence. That night their siblings left with Surak to go to Vulcan to introduce him to their parents and to establish the family link, which would link Saurks' mind to all of theirs.

They lay in their bed. His arms were wrapped around Spock, who was deeply asleep, his own arms curled around his waist. He smiled as he softly stroked soft hair of his husband, his eyes taking in the faint lines around his eyes and mouth, the small scar on the tip of his right ear, how relaxed his thin mouth looked in sleep, the way the moonlight turned his black beard into an ink pool. He could never put into words the depth of his feelings for this man who was his friend, husband, lover, brother, the one that he would give his life, freedom, or sanity for and whom he trusted with his. This Vulcan was the father of their child, his protector, confident, and advisor. He loved him with everything he had. As he fell asleep neither he nor Spock knew they wouldn't live to see the morning.


Christopher Pike: He had always disliked and mistrusted this man. He would never have given his life to protect him, rescued him in the event that he was taken hostage, or would have tried to save his life. It didn't matter he was his captain. Contrary to what he told Starfleet Command Pikes' murderer hadn't taken several weeks of careful planning. In fact it hadn't been planned at all. He had walked into the medical lab to find Pike holding a phaser on Christine. Stopping dead he watched the scene warily. He was anxious, but not for Christine's' life. She was a Vampire, and anyone threatening a Vampire had to have an IQ that was lower then a rock and dirt combined, which Pike obviously did. Vampires surpassed Vulcans in their strength, speed, and agility. Their ears were able to hear and pinpoint the smallest noise, while their eyes could see and track the weakest possible movement. They were so fierce and deadly in battle that their opponent would be ripped apart within seconds. No, he wasn't anxious for Christine's' well being. He was anxious because if she killed him, then, according to Empire law, she would have to become the Captain. The problem with that was she was a Vampire and did not have the right to become captain according to law, and she was a woman, which granted her even less rights. She was very likely to be either arrested or killed minutes after assuming command.

Coming to the conclusion in a matter of seconds he quietly began to walk forward until he was a foot behind Pike. Christine, who had not given any indication that he was there, was crouched on the floor, her eyes cold and deadly, her body tensed to spring. Her lips were curled her expose her fangs, fully extended, ½ an inch in length, sharp enough to slice through metal as easily as butter. A low hiss escaped her throat, warning Pike away. Suddenly Pike sung around to face him, somehow having heard him. Christine snarled and sprang at Pike, trying to protect him, but he was already in motion. Quicker then any human could perceive he jabbed his arm forward, driving it into Pikes' chest. He felt his hand breaking through bone, felt the heat of the blood and the body surrounding it, until he felt the heart beneath his fingers. Without hesitation he closed his fingers around the wet, throbbing muscle and pulled. In seconds his hand came into view, clutching the still beating organ, the blood squirting out of the severed veins. His arm was coated with blood up to his elbow, so thick it appeared black. What's wrong James? Spock asked as Pike fell to the ground. Pike threatened Christine and myself. Ahh, so you killed him. Yes. I wish you hadn't, even if you were protecting our sister. You are now the Captain and a larger target. I know. I'm sorry.

The sounds of rapid footsteps reached his ears. Turning his head he saw T'Pring and another man, Jacobs round the corner. Jacobs stopped dead and stared at the gaping hole in Pikes' chest, then turned white as he saw the heart in Kirks' hand. T'Pring however, merely stopped momentarily, clasped her hands behind her back, and took her new place on his left side. He glanced at his sister. Her eyes were calm, yet determined. He knew she was telling Stonn what had happened, the same way Christine was undoubtedly telling Savvid. Glancing to his right he saw Christine, her usually flawless platinum blonde hair disheveled, with streaks of scarlet blood dripping from the ends. Her fangs were still partially extended, her eyes calm and measured, sweeping from Jacobs to himself. Already his sisters were papering to defend him should Jacobs or another crewmember try to avenge Pike. He was now the Captain, and although he did not wish to be, he would do his very best to be a good one.

Marleena: Despite what she thought he had never had sex with her, just as he had never had sex with any of the women or men that he had brought to his bed over the years. As the captain of a Starship he had an image as a playboy to uphold, so he would either flirt to get someone to his rooms, or he would order them. That was where their physical interactions ended however, for Spock would meld with them and give them false memories of sex with him. Their "interactions" would continue for days, perhaps months, the memories changing slightly each time, before he would "grow tired" of them and kick them out. Unlike the others he had been planning on killing her because she was becoming soupioues of him and Spock. Her death was going to be relatively painless, perhaps strangulation or the Tantalus Field, but in a meld with Spock the morning after he returned from the Mirror Universe he learned she had tried to trick his Counterpart into killing him.

In their rooms four hours latter, while Spock watched from the foot of the bed he brutally and painfully killed her. In the three hours it took for her to die Spock said nothing, nor did any emotion pass over his face. If someone had been watching his Vulcan they would have thought that he had no reaction to the bleeding, sobbing, broken, pain racked woman on the bed, or that the person committing this seemingly sadistic act was his bondmate. James Kirk knew differently. Spocks' pride in him and his act, amusement that he was enjoying the pain and terror in her eyes, appreciation for his methods, lust for him, and the fascination and excitement at the way Marleena responded to the agony his husband was bestowing upon her, were rushing through the bond as powerfully as an ocean current. After she was dead Spock walked up to him and tenderly brushed the strands of bloodstained hair out of his eyes. You were magnificent James. Your ability to cause extreme pain in your victims has always been very profound and arousing T'hy'la. He smiled, his eyes filling with the combat ion of playful flirting and lust that Spock was all too familiar with. I am well aware of the effect I have on you adun. Perhaps you could take the next one? I always enjoy the experience more if you are the one causing them to scream. Very well. If that is your wish. Her body disappeared with help from the Tantalus Field, and a few hours later he signed the papers that would have transferred her to the I.S.S Jellyfish . The fact that she never boarded the ship, well, that wasn't his problem.

Spock: On the night their siblings had gone to Vulcan he awoke late in the night to find Spock sitting up in bed. James, something is wrong. Worry coursed through the bond. As he quickly moved to get out of the bed the door burst open and one of the crewman burst into the room, pointing a phaser at him. Before he could move the phaser fired and Spock had flung him out of the way. As he crashed into the wall he felt a searing pain in his left side, the same spot were Spocks' heart….. SPOCK! He rose from the ground and rushed over to his bondmate. His T'hy'la was laying on the bed, green blood flowing hot and fast from his heart, so quickly that applying pressure would make no difference. "James," he gasped, his voice, normally so deep and rich, the voice that was dearer to him then anything in the universe, was horse and wet due to the blood that was pooling in his throat. "You do not need to fear. The bond will cause your death the same instant as mine". "I know," he whispered, tears streaming from his eyes.

He clutched Spocks hand, feeling sorrow and love through the bond. "I hope you don't regret fully bonding us andu, because I don't. I've told you time and time again I don't want to live without you. I've meant it every time". Never James. If it were you I would welcome the instant death the bond would grant me. The only thing I regret is that we will not see our son grow. Yes, I wish this wasn't so. Spocks' breathing was becoming harsher and quicker, he could feel his husbands' life becoming weaker with each pump of the blood from his body. Greif and fear settled in him like a thunder cloud, causing him to tightly grasp Spock against him and press light, brief kisses upon his face. He could feel every bond that tied him to this man, from their minds, to their souls, to their nerves, each coiled around the other so tightly it had been impossible for the Vulcan elders to tell where Spock ended and he began, fading. What if, somehow, Spock was wrong, and he lived ? Their mental bond was now so weak he could barley feel the mind of his husband knotted around his own. Spocks' voice came through the bond, barely audible, seconds away from death. Have no worry… James. You will ….. join me in a few moments. I love you, my ashayam … my t'hy'la.

His Own: As he heard Spocks' last, faint words he became aware of many footsteps, quickly approaching the door. His siblings and parents rushed into the room, not stopping in the doorway where the body of the crewman lay, having been propelled their by the force of Spocks' telepathy, but moving frantically to knell beside them. He felt faint affection through the last, weak links of the bond, not directed at him, but at their family surrounding them. A small smile came to his face as he glanced at them. Their emotional control seemed to have cracked, for tears were streaming down each of their faces. Suddenly he knew no more, a peaceful blackness sounded him. He was floating, no he was falling through the air. Was he moving up, down, sideways? He had no sight, he was completely blind. Then there was a light, and, standing next to him, holding out his hand, was Spock. Smiling, he took his beloveds' hand.


Ashayam – beloved

sa-kai – brother

ko-kai - sister


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I posted a 3ed chapter plus eplouige, and there's Spock's story in the works. There's also a bunch a unrelated one shots you can check out.

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